I'm Heeey, a generative artist, architect, and designer. With a minimalist approach, I tend to seek simple but visually striking outputs and my artworks are marked by the use of line-based diagrams, geometric shapes and vibrant hues.


June 2024

Monochronos is an evolving chromatic calendar that symbolizes our intricate relationship with time.

Edition of 64

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One Ring

May 2024

One Ring is my homage to the QQL algorithm and its nuclear element, the simple yet complex ring.

? / 1 / 1200 Edition

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And Yet It Loops

Jan 2024

A semi-deterministic experiment. Just a line of light that loops and loops BUT that will never render again.

Edition of 1708

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Gustibus Coloribus

Dec 2023

De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum, or in other words, a literal visual exercise of taste as a subjective matter.

What defines the limits of color? Where does "red" end and "orange" begin? When does green stop being green and starts being perceived as white?

Edition of 360

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Sep 2023

Transit is an exploration of public transport maps that could never possibly happen, generated by transforming data from the world's most relevant systems into a dense conglomerate of vibrant colorful lines.

Edition of 256

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Aug 2023

The connection and interaction between light and color explored though a grid display of neon lights that converge towards a single vertex.

Edition of 360

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Infinite Loop

Exploring QQL


An in-depth discovery of QQL, the collaborative generative algorithm created by Dandelion and Tyler Hobbs.

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Year 2, monthly themed explorations

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A visual block stamp generated using data from the beacon chain to record all proposers through Epochs 0-7.

Edition of 255

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Starry Nights


Night skies, colourful stars and even mysterious black holes generated with Ethereum blocks’ data.

Edition of 68

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