Bright Infinite Loop

Render one of Bright's editions from 0-359 on a display of your choice.

Write "random" if you want different "Out of bounds" Brights that will never be minted nor stored on-chain to continuosly generate.

Write anything other than 0-359 or "random" if you want a fixed "Out of bounds" Bright to render.

Choose every how long in seconds you want your Bright edition to reload. If timer is empty it will reload continuosly as soon as the render is done.

More instructions

Full screen is recommended.

While it will display on a smartphone, it will be slow.

Press any key or click/press anywhere on the screen to reload.

This renderer is intended for monitors only. If you want to print your Bright please use the Art Blocks generator.

For technical reasons, "Out of bounds" Bright editions will not show the "Hue-background" trait.